Today in Music – 1962 – “The Stripper” hits No. 1 and an Explantion for My Cowboy Outfits!


So just think – 51 years ago today the No.1 song on the Pop charts was “The Stripper” composed and performed by David Rose and his Orchestra, popular music hasn’t changed much, RIGHT! From

As points of shared cultural reference, certain pieces of movie and television soundtrack music have become nearly indispensable to our modern existence. The theme from The Twilight Zone, for instance, is used to indicate the occurrence of a spooky coincidence. Or the theme from Jaws is hummed just as one person sneaks up behind another in a pool. When people sing the familiar themes from famous movies like Psycho or Deliverance, they make an instantly understandable shorthand reference to a specific idea or emotion, without having to speak a single word. The same is true for a snippet of soundtrack from a very obscure 1950s television program called Burlesque. That piece of music by David Rose is to acts of old-fashioned striptease roughly what the theme from Rocky is to early-morning winter jogs. Composed in 1958 and released as a single four years later, the hammy tune called “The Stripper” became a #1 pop hit in the United States on July 7, 1962. Continue Reading

The above really is true, when you think of strip tease, and I know you all do often, you think of this piece of music! Speaking of music, my evil wife has come up with a theory about my love of country and the fact that I was always outfitted in cowboy outfits as a child! The theory was developed after we found this picture among my mother’s photos!


Kathy stated her theory after seeing that Lou Graham had signed the photo, Lovingly, Lou Graham.¬†At which point, she said “That explains it! You’re nothing like your father, you love country music, hum?? Do you remember getting packages when you were little?” She went on, “I can read the notes now…”Here are some new outfits for “Little Eddie:, keep those pictures coming!” Hum, I’m an only child, conceived 4 years after they got married, Lou Graham toured NJ in the early 50s. Stop it, Edward! Here’s a shout out to all my Karn cousins, I need your help, DNA testing only costs $99.00, if we match and I’m sure we will??? Then I’m safe!! LOL!