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Today in Ed History – 1924 – My Dad’s Birthday!

Ed and Helen024The name of Loudon Wainwright’s last album was Older Than My Old Man Now and I bet that title fits many of us Baby Boomers! Yes our fathers worked hard and died young. My Dad was 60 years old when he died of a heart attack in 1984, his younger brother Arthur was only 55! His father was 53 when he died from his third heart attack in 1953!

The reason that I bring this up today is that today is my father’s birthday. Wow, has it really been almost 30 years since he died, I guess it has, Nick and Andrew were just infants when he died and obviously he never got to know Peter or Elizabeth, but I know he would be proud of all four of them!

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Remembering Barb and Will and continuing the fight against lung cancer!

Will and Barb

Will and Barb – We’ll Continue Your Fight!

New readers to this blog may look at the top of the right sidebar and question, why are there two Lung Cancer organizations posted with requests for donations. The reason is that back in January of this year my son’s brother-in-law Will Marris, lost his battle with lung cancer he was 30 years old.(Here is a report that ABC News report Nadya Han did on lung cancer featuring Will and Nicole) He was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer about 3 years earlier, just before my son Peter and Will’s sister Melissa were married. Oh, by the way Will was a non-smoker! Both of the organizations on the right sidebar are organizations that sponsor runs throughout the US to raise money for lung cancer research. Lung Cancer kills more people than all the other major cancers combined, and yet it is the least funded of all the cancers. I have participated in both runs and expect participating again this year!

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