Craft Project complete, yoga mat stapled to the floor!

Ear Ring Holder

Earring Holder

Last night my daughter, Elizabeth, was working on a craft project (pictured above) and needed the staple gun. She asked me to find it, so I went down to the basement and found the hidden in plain sight among my tools. I remembered that the last time I picked it up, it really didn’t seem to be working right. So while sitting on my yoga mat, I tested it. Like the last time, it did not appear to be working. I tried it again, only this time, I pressed down a little harder. The first time I tried it I was holding it over the rug, the second time it was over my yoga mat, of course the second time’s harder push worked and now my yoga mat is stapled to the floor!!

When I came upstairs and handed the gun to my daughter, I told her that the gun had been tested and was in working order, and that my yoga mat was now securely stapled to the floor! My wife who was sitting at her computer immediately burst out laughing. “Oh, that’s a Facebook status for sure!” she laughed and immediately people all over the country knew what I had done!! There were several likes and several LOLs and OMGs and you know what, I don’t mind because I actually like it when I make people laugh, even if they’re laughing at me and not with me!!

As I thought about this last night, I tried to relate it to this blog. As I thought  about it, it came to me, that one of the reason that I write this blog is to hopefully, brighten someone,s day. Two things that brighten may day are books and music, which is why I write about them, duh! Here’s a flow chart that my wife found that explains my relationship with books!

Book Flow ChartI couple music and reading with another two other activities that bring me pleasure and that’s running (not coupled with reading) and discovering new things! Over the course of writing this blog, I have discovered a plethora of new musicians and even explored new genres like prog rock. So this blog is about music, books and discovery. What I’m not is a critic I write about is the music I like and thebooks I enjoy and my reviews are mostly positive! Which is why I’ve never written about Mumford and Sons or The Lumineers. (Don’t Ask)

So what I hope after reading this blog readers may find a new musician that they didn’t know about, or an older artist that they never heard of, or haven’t thought about in years. It’s the same with books. Along the way, they may read a family story, that could make them laugh or  cry, as I write about the ups and owns of my world!