My Life shared with Five Cats! Oh My!

So we have five cats, four of them are male and one is female, One cat, Fenwick, the neurotic, stays away from the rest and lives in one room in the rear of the house. He used to be picked on, and was terrified of the other cats, but now he is happy in his little room. Often he is hard to find as he hides places you would never think he would fit, especially when he knows the vacuüm is coming! Of the other four cats one, Liam, is beloved.One James is semi-beloved. James is the brother of the neurotic Fenwick. The other two are Cow and Gabrielle. Cow, is black and white and the size of a small heifer. Think Kliban cat……

Kliban cat foodIn the morning when I feed them, I have to feed Gabrielle on the kitchen table and James in the living room with a baby gate up, because Cow finishes his food before anyone else, and goes after everyone else’s food! As it is, he often just waddles over to the gate and stares longingly at James’ food!

Cow thinking about food!

Cow thinking about food!

Cow and Gabrielle are brother and sister (James and Fenwick are brothers) and like true siblings they hate each other! Cow is not the only one that does not like Gabrielle, James and Liam torment and attack her also. Often when she wants to go out in the morning, I have to run interference for her, keeping the other cats away from her as we make our way to the back door!


What can I do to wake him??

Recently, Gabby has not endeared her self to me either, anywhere from 5:30 am to 6:30 am she comes up beside me in bed and screams in my ear. My response is to scream back, No! She often leaves and returns within a few minutes and starts the screaming again, until I finally give up!!  The other morning I was jolted awake when she jumped from somewhere and landed on the left side of my face!! I sat up much like the man in the following cartoon that Kathy found on Facebook the other day. I thought for sure that my face would be bruised when I got up! I guess the following is my life!