Monthly Archive: May 2013

Craft Project complete, yoga mat stapled to the floor!

Ear Ring Holder

Earring Holder

Last night my daughter, Elizabeth, was working on a craft project (pictured above) and needed the staple gun. She asked me to find it, so I went down to the basement and found the hidden in plain sight among my tools. I remembered that the last time I picked it up, it really didn’t seem to be working right. So while sitting on my yoga mat, I tested it. Like the last time, it did not appear to be working. I tried it again, only this time, I pressed down a little harder. The first time I tried it I was holding it over the rug, the second time it was over my yoga mat, of course the second time’s harder push worked and now my yoga mat is stapled to the floor!!

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My Life shared with Five Cats! Oh My!

So we have five cats, four of them are male and one is female, One cat, Fenwick, the neurotic, stays away from the rest and lives in one room in the rear of the house. He used to be picked on, and was terrified of the other cats, but now he is happy in his little room. Often he is hard to find as he hides places you would never think he would fit, especially when he knows the vacuüm is coming! Of the other four cats one, Liam, is beloved.One James is semi-beloved. James is the brother of the neurotic Fenwick. The other two are Cow and Gabrielle. Cow, is black and white and the size of a small heifer. Think Kliban cat……

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A Glimpse of Long Beach Island, New Jersey in 1906!

In 1906 my wife’s grandmother, Helen Fowler Coombs and 9 of her friends vacationed on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. They called themselves the “Ten Timid Travelers.” These are a few of the photographs that record that vacation, and provide a glimpse into life on Long Beech Island that year!

Ladies on Beech

Here are the scantily clad women on the beach!!

Barneget Bay

On the waters of Barnegat Bay!!

Loveladies Train Station

Here’s a photograph of the train station at Loveladies.

LBI Train

Of course if you have a train station, you need a train!!

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Graduation Day at The College of William and Mary

wrenbuildingYes, it does seem like just yesterday, that we were sitting in William and Mary Hall listening to College President Taylor Reveley welcome the Class of 2013 to campus, yet yesterday he conferred the  the graduate’s  degrees and gave the closing remarks! Time flies! Yesterday’s graduation ceremony was like everything on this campus wonderful, Boy I hate to leave it! My wife tells me there is a Parent’s Alumni Association, but that we’re too poor to join!

Anyway security was pretty tight around campus yesterday as the Chancellor of the College is Robert Gates, former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense and the keynote speaker was Robert Mueller the second longest-serving Director of the FBI. Gates’ only job yesterday, was to introduce Mueller,  The highlight of his comments was saying that his attire was a sort of unique blending of medieval academic tradition and Lady Gaga. What do you think?

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