Life’s Stories – Will Marris loses his battle against lung cancer.

Tonight while I was out running errands, my cell phone rang, my heart stopped because the call  was from my son Peter and the call could not be a good one. He asked if his mother was there, I said I wasn’t home and then he told me that his brother-in-law Will Marris had lost his fight against lung cancer and passed away tonight from complications from pneumonia. My heart sank Will has fought lung cancer for three years and we saw him beat everything it had thrown at him and you just thought he was going to beat this last illness too! But the fight was too hard and he lost it! My heart goes out to his wife Nicole and his son Aiden, his sister and my son Missy and Peter and his mother and father Bill and Dianne who now have to face a task that no parent should have to face burying their child and it comes less than a week after Bill buried his father.

As I thought about Will’s passing tonight I thought the one thing that I can do to honor his passing is to continue to run for cancer. I will make it a point to run next year in both the Bonnie J Addario Run and the Free to Breathe Run in Philadelphia!

I was proud to know and love Will. I know he never gave up the fight and we shouldn’t either!

Here is a link to the Team Willpower  Facebook page and a video that Nicole and Will made……Will you will be missed by all!


  1. Thomas

    Thank you for sharing your story, very touching. My prayers go out for you. I wrote a song about cancer when my sister in law got breast cancer at age 24. I hope you enjoy it and possibly find it helpful. Here is the think. thanks again.

    1. ekkarn (Post author)

      Thomas Thanks for the comments the song is very touching. I really don’t know how will stayed as strong as he did throughout his ordeal, it must be very hard,because even with alll the support you are still battling alone! My wife’s mother died from breast cancer at the age of 48 back in 1982, I wish that she had had the tools that they have to fight cancer now, back then!

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