Monthly Archive: January 2013

Life’s Stories – Will Marris loses his battle against lung cancer.

Tonight while I was out running errands, my cell phone rang, my heart stopped because the callĀ  was from my son Peter and the callĀ could not be a good one. He asked if his mother was there, I said I wasn’t home and then he told me that his brother-in-law Will Marris had lost his fight against lung cancer and passed away tonight from complications from pneumonia. My heart sank Will has fought lung cancer for three years and we saw him beat everything it had thrown at him and you just thought he was going to beat this last illness too! But the fight was too hard and he lost it! My heart goes out to his wife Nicole and his son Aiden, his sister and my son Missy and Peter and his mother and father Bill and Dianne who now have to face a task that no parent should have to face burying their child and it comes less than a week after Bill buried his father.

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Life’s Stories – A Tough Week for the Marris Family

You know there are many times in life that I think that my life sucks, sometimes I am correct and other times I just have to look around and I can see that maybe I don’t have it so bad! Certainly over the last few weeks, being tired of being sick and then having my work not go as well as I’d like, mostly a result of my own doing, I have not been enthralled with my life. But over those same weeks I’ve been reading Jonathan Kozol’s Fire in the Ashes:Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America and like I said I realize that I don’t have it anywhere near as bad as others have it. At least I don’t have to worry that those rats that are making a racket in the walls will stay in the walls, or that my ten-year old son will soon be dealing drugs, all coupled with a school system that is broken! This morning was another one of those times when I realize that having a cold and cough coupled with a job I may not be happy with is nothing! My daughter-in-law Missy and her parents are dealing with the sudden death last Sunday of Missy’s paternal grandfather James Marris. I’ve only met Mr. Marris a few times but he was a really nice man and based upon the turnout at his viewing this morning I’m not the only one who holds that opinion! Looking at all the pictures and memorabilia at the funeral, you see that he had a happy life that was cut unexpected short. Now it’s enough to have to be dealing with the death of a parent at any age, but the loss of a parent and grandparent are not the only thing that the the Marris family is dealing with today. They are also dealing with a son Will who is battling for his life today! Will has been fighting stage four lung cancer for the last three years currently he is in Virtua Hospital in Voorhees battling PCP pneumonia, Found in patients immunocompromised like himself. He is waiting to be transferred to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, where his doctors are, but it seems that they can’t get a bed for him! Yesterday, many Facebook friends and family were asked to call ABC-News and anyone else they could to get Will’s story out there and help to get him moved. This morning Will’s wife Nicole asked folks to stop because it wasn’t helping, but to continue to pray that Will will soon be transferred! Anyway, the point is that Will is only 31 years old with a young son a beautiful wife and should have a long life ahead of him instead of fighting for his life. In addition, Will’s parents Bill and Dianne should not have to face the possibility of losing their child especially when it’s added to the pain of losing a parent! So as I sit here and feel bad because I’m coughing and have to work tonight and tomorrow I realize I have nothing to complain about I’ve got a wonderful wife, four great kids and two wonderful daughter in laws! So my prayers go out to Will, wife Nicole, son Aiden, Missy and Peter, and especially Bill and Dianne as well as to people all over the world who are facing tragedies much worse than my puny problems! Whenever, I feel like this, this is the song that comes to mind is Phil Ochs “There But for Fortune”

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Christmas Books to Add to My to Be Read Pile! Oh Boy!

So as we start 2013 let’s take a look at the boat load of wonderful books that I received for Christmas! First there’s the book I received from my daughter Elizabeth, that I am currently reading The Boy in the Suit Case by Lene Kaaberboll and Agnete Frillis. This is the first book in a planned three book series featuring Red Cross worker Nina Borg. Elizabeth picked the book because, I told her after I picked up book two of the series a month or so ago for her at the library, that it said on the cover “Fans of Nordic crime fiction rejoice”,and that I was a fan of Nordic crime fiction, so the book sounded good to me! So far I was right!

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Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to My Uncle Johnny – We still miss you!

John, wife Jean and Jimmy Ashton

So January 1st for me was usually family get together time with my Father’s family, typically, at my Uncle Ott’s or Kenny’s place. I remember many a good New Year’s Day celebration! It was also Uncle Johnny’s birthday. Johnny was my mother’s oldest brother, born in 1923. Johnny would have been the fourth John Sherrington Ashton a name which dates back to 1814 when the John S Ashton the first was born in Holbeach, England. John’s middle name however, was Howard. I believe that my Great mother Charlotte Trout Regars had a lot to do with naming her grandchildren. John’s middle name was Howard, which is one of Charlotte’s brothers name and my mom’s brother James middle name was Elmer, which was Charlotte’s grandfather’s name. The name middle name of Elmer cased Jimmy to say that he was James “No name” Ashton. But back to Uncle Johnny.

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