Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Let’s all take time today to reflect on those things that for which we are thankful. For me that includes my family, my wife and children and their wives, boyfriend, and friends. While our family has grown smaller this year with the passing of my mother, it also has grown larger as Meaghan and her family have joined us on life’s journey. We welcome her and her family and wish Andrew and her the best as the set sail on their journey.

I’m thankful that our great country saw fit to continue to move Forward and not regress to the policies of the past! I am thankful this morning that there is a cease-fire in Gaza that held through the night and I hope it will last longer. I only wish that the war could end for the people of Syria!

I’m thankful for all those authors that pour their hearts and souls into the books that I read. The books that take me to places I’ll never been and introduce me to wonderful characters that have become a part of my life!

I’m thankful for all those musicians who created the music that has become the soundtrack of my life and those who are adding to that soundtrack daily!! Thank you for getting up on that stage and going into that recording studio and in many cases bearing your soul to create the music that touches and moves us!!

I’m thankful that in these times when so many are struggling to find work that the company I’ve worked for the last 33 years is still moving forward. Thanks George for getting us through so pretty tough waters! I’m also thankful that my boss for 30 of those years is home now recovering from cancer surgery and appears to be getting better! After many weeks of not being able to eat, his son Tim says he’s really been chowing down so this year Thanksgiving Dinner will be extra special for him!!

As I finish this I think that I may have glossed over someone who maybe I’m the most thankful for and that’s my wife, because without her as part of my life things would not be the same. I’m thankful not only for what she’s done for me and my children but for the way that she has touched the lives of so many others, through all the gifts and cards that she has sent members of both her and my family (particularly my mother!) and all the things she has done for school and the community. There are not enough ways to say Thank you and I love you, but here’s a start at the Thank You part!!

Albanian Armenian Arabic Austrian Azerbaijani
Faleminderit Shenorhakal yem Shukran Dankschen Sayol
Basque Belarussian Bengali Bulgarian Chinese (Cantonese)
Eskerrik asko Dziakuju Dhanyabad Blagodaria Do jie
Chinese (Mandarin) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch
Toa chie Hvala Dekuji Tak Dank je
English Estonian Farsi Finnish French
Thank you Aitah Tashakkur kiitos Merci
Georgian German Greek Hindi Hungarian
Gmadlob Dankeschoen Efharistó Danyavad köszönöm
Irish Gaelic Italian Japanese Korean Latin
Go raibh maith agat Grazie Arigato Go mop sum nee dah Gratias ago
Latvian Lithuanian Malayalam Norwegian Polish
Paldies Aciu Nanhi Takk Dziekuje
Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovenian
Obrigado(M) Obrigada(F) Multumesc Spasiba Hvala Hvala
Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Welsh
Gracias Tack Tesekkur Dyakuyu Diolch

For my children – Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice Restaurant”! I can her the collective sighs from all of them, but tough!!