Today in My History – Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

So today is one of those days  when you feel older and it’s not your birthday. See today is my youngest child Elizabeth’s twenty-second birthday! Seems like only yesterday my wife was pleading for drugs during labor! Then Edward got in trouble  because he was afraid to hold her! So tiny, so fragile!  Here’s one of my favorite pictures with Nick holding Lizzie the next morning, and Andrew right behind him!

Anyway, she’s all grown up now and we’re super proud of all her accomplishments! We just received a pamphlet in the mail today, telling all about graduation day at William and Mary. It seems like just yesterday, we were sitting in William and Mary Hall for the welcoming of her Freshman class! Can it really be  four years ago?

Now down in the basement somewhere there is an Elizabeth tape, and on that tape is Dad rolling a very young Elizabeth to John Prine’s “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin” I didn’t have time today to make a video using pictures and the song, but let’s go “Into the Night” with this video of another “Little Pumpkin” and remember those days that went by way to quickly!!! Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!

Oh and here she is all grown up in London this past summer!