Monthly Archive: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Let’s all take time today to reflect on those things that for which we are thankful. For me that includes my family, my wife and children and their wives, boyfriend, and friends. While our family has grown smaller this year with the passing of my mother, it also has grown larger as Meaghan and her family have joined us on life’s journey. We welcome her and her family and wish Andrew and her the best as the set sail on their journey.

I’m thankful that our great country saw fit to continue to move Forward and not regress to the policies of the past! I am thankful this morning that there is a cease-fire in Gaza that held through the night and I hope it will last longer. I only wish that the war could end for the people of Syria!

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Today in My History – Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

So today is one of those days  when you feel older and it’s not your birthday. See today is my youngest child Elizabeth’s twenty-second birthday! Seems like only yesterday my wife was pleading for drugs during labor! Then Edward got in trouble  because he was afraid to hold her! So tiny, so fragile!  Here’s one of my favorite pictures with Nick holding Lizzie the next morning, and Andrew right behind him!

Anyway, she’s all grown up now and we’re super proud of all her accomplishments! We just received a pamphlet in the mail today, telling all about graduation day at William and Mary. It seems like just yesterday, we were sitting in William and Mary Hall for the welcoming of her Freshman class! Can it really be  four years ago?

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Andrew and Meaghan’s Wedding Day!

Ok pop quiz, which member of the wedding party has it the easiest? If you answered the Father of the Groom. I do believe that you are correct!  You don’t have to do much, except stand around have our picture taken and receive congratulations!! You have your clothes  all picked out for you, unlike the mother of the groom, who has to stress about her dress, plan the rehearsal dinner and then light one of the candles for the unity candle, all I had to do was say “We will!   We gained another wonderful daughter-in-law as Meaghan and Andrew were married today! A beautiful day, a terrific venue and a great ceremony all added up to make it a wonderful day!

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