Your Next Step is the Cure™Halloween Hustle: Philadelphia 5K!

Ok so I haven’t written yet about Saturday’s 5K and that’s mainly because I didn’t know my official time or place. Well, today the results were finally posted on the web!

But first let’s talk about the really important stuff, the event raise over $ 60,ooo dollars for lung cancer research!  Lung Cancer is the number one killer of the cancers and the least funded! General Donations will be open for the next three months at the website for Your Next Step is the Cure™Halloween Hustle: Philadelphia 5K.( My only regret about the day is that we didn’t raise as much money this year as last.)

So now on to the race, I ran for Team Willpower in support of  my son Peter’s brother-in-law Will Marris, who was diagnosed with lung cancer a little over two years ago. The race was run over an out an back course along Kelly Drive and was pretty flat. The course was not as straight as I thought it would be, there were minor curves here and there, enough so that I didn’t get bored.  There were paint marks on the path every quarter-mile, so I could keep track of how is was doing, I hit the first quarter-mile in 2 minutes and thought, I don’t feel too bad but I better slow down just a  little,  at the turn around point I was around 12:50 which was WAY ahead of where I thought I would be. I didn’t feel bad and even picked it up a  little art a couple of spots to get by some people!

Here comes the old man down the home stretch chasing that stroller, the absence of a racing bib on the woman makes me think she wasn’t in the race! Anyway, I finished in 25:53 – an 8:23 pace, which was well below what I hoped to run! I was 94 out of 220 and the second male runner of the three in the race over 60! The first runner over 60 finished in the insane time of 19:52!! Here’s how I felt about the race!

The great photos were taken by my wife Kathy and here’s some more:

Since it was a Halloween run some runners were in costume. Here’s the winner for the best costume!

Here’s a couple more!

and finally this great shot of Will and his son Aiden!

It was a great day for a great cause! One of the doctor’s said it best when he said that as a surgeon the best thing that he could think of was if he was put out of business! It would be great if lung cancer could be caught early and treatment provided, so that surgery would be unnecessary. Maybe that can happen someday, but until then we have folks like The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation to thank for all they do to raise awareness about, and money for research, to battle this deadly cancer!