Mom’s Memorial Service – October 6, 2012

So yesterday we ran around getting everything set up for my mom’ memorial service which was held today. With her many lists my wife did a wonderful job of coordinating everything, and making sure the day was perfect. She succeeded.  The service today was very nice.  The minister Craig Waetke give a beautiful eulogy and several members of the audience gave some nice personal remembrances.

The Memorial Table

The insert for the Memorial Program

The top photo is the beautiful memorial table of pictures that my wife created and the second is the insert that she made to be placed in the Memorial program. The verse at the bottom was from a hymn that my mom had wanted sung at the service, but the minister said it was a Catholic hymn and not in the church’s hymnal. He said that the organist had the music for the hymn and would play it at the beginning of the service.

It was good to spending time with two of my mom’s first cousins and once again you realize that far too often the only time we see some family is at weddings or funerals. We really want to make time in the future to sit down with these cousins and compare genealogy notes! Also, as they looked at my mom’s wedding album, they knew many people that I didn’t, so looking at pictures with them will certainly help my genealogy research! I’d like to thank my children Nick, Andrew and his fiancé Meaghan, Peter and his wife Melissa and Elizabeth and her friend? Jimmy, and my cousin Donna and Doug, for all they did today! They really did a great job, setting up  and cleaning up, the luncheon after the service. Thanks to everyone who came to the service today, and the many others who sent cards expressing their sympathies! And I can’t say thanks to my wife often enough, because without her  today would not have been the beautiful day it was!