A Happy Birthday to All who Share My Birthday !

Some Music for My Birthday from Albert Collins


Ok so today is my birthday, the 64th that I’ve celebrated! It seems like only yesterday my mother was writing in my baby book….October 1, 1952, Eddie’s first birthday, October 1, 1953, Eddie’s second birthday…. such a great writer she was…left me with so many written memories!

Here’s a picture from my first birthday party – (from l to r adults Uncle Ott, Aunt Polly, Nana Karn, Aunt Jean?, my dad (great shirt!) Uncle Kenny and Grandpop Karn. l to r kids – me, cousins Jimmy and Marti)

Yep, who knows where those years went, but they sure as hell went by quickly! So since it’s my birthday I thought I’d see who else celebrates their birthday today. The list includes

Julie Andrews – 1935
Daniel Boornstein – 1914 -2004
Tom Bosley – 1927-2010
Rod Carew 1945
Jimmy Carter 1924
Albert Collins 1932-1993
Herb Fame 1942 (Peaches and Herb)
Zach Galifianakas 1969
Richard Harris 1930-2002
Laurence Harvey 1928-1973
Vladamir Horowitz 1903-1989
Walter Matthau 1903-2000
Scott McKenzie 1944
Randy Quaid 1950
William Rehnquist 1924-2005
James Whitmore 1924-2009

Now what to include for the video on my birthday, hum: I thought about Peaches and Herb’s “Reunited” a guilty pleasure, or maybe a clip of Randy Quaid in National Lampoon’s Vacation,  how about  Rod Carew’s 3000 th hit , no I’ll stay with morning music and serve up some blues from the Ice Man Albert Collins. Here’s Albert performing “Cold Cold Feeling”  with some help from another blues great Gary Moore!