A Good Birthday Afternoon in Princeton and Allentown, NJ

The Old Man at the Record Exchange

So my wife and I spent this afternoon in Princeton and Allentown, NJ. First, I went to the Princeton Record Exchange to get whatever I could find for my birthday, we then visited Labyrinth Books on Nassau Avenue, on the way home we went to the cemetery at the Allentown Presbyterian Church and we ended the night with dinner at Bung’s. It was a nice birthday afternoon!  Oh, while I was in the Princeton Record Exchange, my wife was wandering around a very big cemetery about a block away!

Here’s my favorite tombstone that she took a picture of today, taken at the Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Allentown


Tombstone from 1762!

So here’s the music  added to my library from the Princeton Record Exchange:

1.  The Grascals and Friends – an album of covering featuring The Grascals and various country artists made for Cracker Barrel, the Old Country Store. Looks interesting.

2. Black Cat Oil Delta Moon – the latest from a very good blues band!

3. Makin’ Our House a HonkeytonkRachel Harrington – this album has been on several Roots and Americana Charts!

4. Sylvia Hotel Cheryl Wheeler – I don’t have any of Wheeler’s music in my collection but I love the song “Unworthy” from this album

5. North Bill Morrissey  – Bill’s second album released in 1986, I picked up Bill’s career with his 1992 release Inside. So this album is new to me, but I’m sure there are songs on the album that I have heard!

6. The Nightshift Watchman David Wilcox – this is the first David Wilcox album that I bought and it is one of my favorite albums. I only have it on cassette though so I love that I found it on CD!

7. Brambles and Thorns John Wort Hannam – the latest from a fine Canadian singer song writer. I just discovered the other night that John had a new CD, when I saw  his Facebook status inviting folks to his CD release party! So again like the Wilcox album I was very happy when I found it! From his website:

 In the 10 years since he became a working musician, John has released 5 albums and captured 7 Grand prize/First place awards for his songwriting as well as a Juno nomination for Best Traditional/Roots album and a Canadian Fol Music Award for Album of the Year.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this album!

Here’s “Unworthy” from Cheryl Wheeler…..