A Good Run to Prepare to Run for Team Willpower!

So after Tuesday’s positive run, I was ready to go again today! I figured I would run my 4.2 mile run that has a couple of minor climbs. I took off and told myself that after pushing it a little more than usual on Tuesday, I should take it a little slower today, but then I made the first mile in 9:32 and that thought went out the window. I held that pace throughout the rest of the run, and ended with time of 40:24. The fastest time over that course since, well, maybe last year! The good thing is that my legs still feel good and I’m ready to go again!

Now all this is important because I signed up for a 5K run on October 13th, and it’s a very important run. It’s the 2nd annual Your Next Step is the Cure: Halloween Hustle Philly 5K walk/run presented by the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and I will be running for Team Willpower!

Team WillPower runs in support of my son Peter’s brother-in-law Will Marris.  Will was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in March of 2010 at the age of 28. You can read his full story at the Team Willpower Page. From his wife Nicole:

 Will & I are hoping to show so many people the new face of lung cancer. Its this, it’s a 30 year old husband, friend, son, father of a 2 year old, who has never smoked. Lung cancer claims more lives than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney and melanoma cancers COMBINED, making it the clear leader among cancer deaths in America. Over 440 lives are lost to this unpredictable disease EACH DAY.

Everyone has asked us how they can help us, and here is how. gives a hand, gives us 5, just 5 bucks from 500 people would help us reach our goal of 2500.00 this year. Join our team and you’ve done one better but here’s another challenge. To everyone coming I ask you to find a friend. Bringing a friend to the walk helps double your donation and in turn double the love and support we show Will on walk day.

If you’d like to donate to Team Willpower, you can do so on the main page or at : My Page, any donation is appreciated by all!  Hey, better yet come run or walk with Team Willpower!