Monthly Archive: September 2012

A Good Run to Prepare to Run for Team Willpower!

So after Tuesday’s positive run, I was ready to go again today! I figured I would run my 4.2 mile run that has a couple of minor climbs. I took off and told myself that after pushing it a little more than usual on Tuesday, I should take it a little slower today, but then I made the first mile in 9:32 and that thought went out the window. I held that pace throughout the rest of the run, and ended with time of 40:24. The fastest time over that course since, well, maybe last year! The good thing is that my legs still feel good and I’m ready to go again!

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Mom’s Funeral – It was a Beautiful (and Sorrowful) Day

Brother John,Mom, Grandmother Elva

Yesterday, we had the private funeral for my mother, and it was a beautiful day. I think that ┬áthe day went about as well as it could have. In the morning I called the funeral director to go over some last-minute arrangements, like would he have flowers, could I put something in the casket, etc. He said that he was going to call me in a few minutes to see if I wanted to come by and see my mom. Originally, I was not going to do that, but I decided that I would and maybe it would help later. So Kathy and I went over and it was the best move I could have made. He had done a wonderful job and she looked so much better than the last time I saw her. My cousin Donna also went to see her and I hope it helped her get through the day. The service was short and sweet, which is the way I think mom would have wanted it. The only people I invited outside of the family, were Bob Johnson and his wife Lynda. Bob and the Johnson family were about as close to me as family, two of his younger brothers Tom and Andy were like my big brothers. We were constantly either playing football, baseball or basketball together. His youngest brother Richard was like a younger brother, I remember my mom babysitting when he was an infant! After the service we went to Pat’s for lunch, my children, and Bob and Lynda and had a wonderful time reminiscing and while I had said to them how I felt about Bob’s family being an extension of mine, she said that Bob felt the same way about my parents. It was about as good a day as I could have hoped for, and of course I thank my rock, my wife, for making it that way!! I love you, Kathleen and all my children!

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In Memory of My Mother Helen Ray Ashton (1928-2012)

So last night my mother passed away, she was 84 years old. She was born June 12, 1928 to John and Elva Regars Ashton. She had two brothers, James “Jimmy” was killed in WWII at the age of 19, and the other, John passed away in 1990, that same year her nephew Jim, John’s son passed away. She married my father Edward Karn in 1947 and I came along in 1951. In 1956 her father died at the age of 58 and her mother passed in 1971. In 1984 my father had a heart attack and passed at the age of 60. Through the years, her devotion to the Beverly Presbyterian Church kept her going, she was a Sunday School teacher for many years and then superintendent of the Sunday School. She was also an Elder and a Deacon and just about anything else she could be. After my father died, she worked at the Joy’s Hallmark in the Burlington Center for several years and at Easy Pour Coffee service in Burlington. After my father passed, my Uncle Kenny and his wife Flo moved in with her and they were a trip, my Uncle passed in 2003 and then my Aunt died unexpetedly in 2006. At the time Flo was taking care of my mom, after she died, Mom went to live at Riverview Estates in Riverton, where she has spent the her last years. I can’t say enough good things about the home and what they did for her, they were terrific from the top down!

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