A Trip to the Colbert Report

I  know that posts have been sparse here the last couple of days that’s because both days started at 7 AM and ended late. On Tuesday my daughter Elizabeth, ever the one to figure things out and pull me and her mother out of our stay at home comfort modes, got to tickets to The Colbert Report! Luckily, her brother Peter, who went with her the previous week to The Daily Show, had to work so Dad got to go!

It was a good time but a long day! We drove and it’s really the first time I’ve driven in the city. I was surprised how easy it was!  Up 10th Avenue to 54th and the studio was right there. We arrived at about 3:30 to be assured that we would get in, as a result we were numbers 16 and 17. They let us into the room outside of the studio around 5:50 and then into the studio about an hour later. We were surprised at how small the set was! The warm up comedian came on around 7:10 and was very funny – at one point he did point out that Elizabeth and I were father and daughter and that I was another “Cool Dad” one of two or three that were there with their daughters! Colbert came out, “out of character” (they stressed several times before the show “you do know it’s a character, right!) at 7:30 or so and answered questions from the audience. I didn’t know he was such a fan of Lord of the Rings and his big news was that Peter Jackson invited him to the set of The Hobbit and he is going at the end of August!

The taping began around 7:45 and last until 8:15 only messed up one time at the beginning of the show and they had to roll the credits twice and he messed up one other word! After a very funny show we waited around for Stephen to come out. Elizabeth had read that he does take pictures with people and signs autographs. He came out another door though and rushed directly to his car!   But it as still fun to see him!

We finally got home around 11:00 and watched the show. Elizabeth says she dod see us in one of the pans of the audience. I think her favorite line was when he called Rush Limbaugh “the manatee of the airwaves”. My favorite was when he referred to Louie Gohmert from Texas as “the human fencepost”

So here’s something he mentioned the August 2nd deadline was set, because Obama is having a birthday bash on the 3rd. Limbugh’s reason is that Ramadan starts August 1st!

The Great Debt Ceiling Deadline-Obama Birthday Party Conspiracy 


and something else from the Manatee!

Think Progress: Brad Johnson: Limbaugh: The Killer 116° Heat Index Is ‘Manufactured By The Government’

Oh, and last night I watched the Tour de France!


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  1. Nancy

    Ed, SOunds like it was very cool. Glad your daughter got you out of the house! I find myself settling into the ” it is easier to stay home” mode a lot more lately!! :~)

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