Monthly Archive: May 2011

From Graduation to Williamsburg and back!

So one of these weeks my life is gong to get back into its normal rut, unfortunately this was not the weekend! The weekend started with a full day of graduation festivities for son Andrew, who graduated from Rowan University!! Congratulations Andrew! These festivities were followed by a surprise birthday party Friday night for the daughter of a friend of my wife. Next came a trip to Williamsburg, VA to pick up daughter Elizabeth’s stuff at William & Mary on Saturday! Fun was added to the trip when I went out to move the car and discovered a nail embedded in the flat tire. Of coarse,  this was AFTER moving her microwave, refrigerator and several boxes down from her room on the third floor (in a building with no elevator),  over three dorms and up to the fourth floor storage area, in a building which had an elevator!  Subsequently, we went to Target to get a can of Fix-a-Flat, because trying to jacking Andrew car on a semi- un-level surface taught me that, that does not work and since there were no even remotely  level surfaces in the immediate vicinity of the car Fix-a-Flat was my best bet!! Anyway I was able to get the tire fixed just before the torrential  downpour and we were able to go eat! After eating, we got to load the car, again carrying her stuff down from the third floor. Oh, did I mention that while going up and down stairs it feels that someone’s sticking a knife in my knee!!!  We did, however,  manage to get everything in the car and get back to the motel. So this morning I took the car to Walmart to get the tire fixed. The nail was too close to the sidewall to patch the tire,  so I had to get a new tire. The clerk said that the tire was $ 67.00. When she rang it up  final she said that the total was $ 147.00 plus! Looking at the bill I could see that there were two charges for the tire. After questioning the clerk about the bill, she said I had to speak with the guy in the shop. He said, that yes there were two charges for the tire and I had to go to Customer Service to get a refund!

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